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Achieving Benefits Through Organizational Project Management

Efficient Organizational Project Management enables companies to achieve organizational benefits through greater agility and a sharper competitive advantage in the market. To achieve this, we must first understand and know how to differentiate the concepts of organizational benefits, strategic initiatives, project management and organizational project management. Organizational benefits are those that bring profit to the organization and are directly related to business value. Strategic initiatives are the ideas that arise from the business, are aligned to its benefits, and subsequently transformed into the organization’s projects. These projects make up the company’s porftolio of priority projects that can be grouped into programs based on the grouping criteria defined by the company. With respect to the Project Management and Organizational Project Management ...

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Achieving an Effective and Functioning Project Team

An effective performance by a project team is achieved if professional project managers, as a whole, can adequately implement the project plan as defined solving the daily issues in a timely manner to achieve the committed objectives regardless of the methodology applied. While every project should be approached with the appropriate methodology and management, the latter is directly related to the way in which the team operates and is essential for the success of all the projects executed across the organization. Therefore, the more efficient the professionals and the wider their integration, the higher the efficiency achieved by the project team. To reach this goal, a project team should be based on two building blocks: Efficient professionals and Optimum functioning. ...

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The Project Management Institute published a research on the value of focusing on benefits during project execution

The research is focused on the benefits during project implementation. It leads us to reflect on the value of the practice of Project Management and on the organization’s investments in monitoring and control, to meet each project’s goals and contribute to achieving the benefits of the organization. It highlights that Project Managers play a key role in ensuring that benefits are achieved after the project is completed. It also maximizes the significance of igniting the role and management during project execution, especially when the benefits may be at stake as a result of changes in the business or customer demands, scenarios that call for great care and special management. To read the research in full, click on the appropriate link. ...

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