Achieving an Effective and Functioning Project Team

An effective performance by a project team is achieved if professional project managers, as a whole, can adequately implement the project plan as defined solving the daily issues in a timely manner to achieve the committed objectives regardless of the methodology applied.

While every project should be approached with the appropriate methodology and management, the latter is directly related to the way in which the team operates and is essential for the success of all the projects executed across the organization. Therefore, the more efficient the professionals and the wider their integration, the higher the efficiency achieved by the project team. To reach this goal, a project team should be based on two building blocks: Efficient professionals and Optimum functioning.

The adequate allocation of professional resources and the achievement of success critical variables will provide the project team with identity, robustness and management capabilities. This will leverage the team’s interaction so that the links established ensure the team’s proper functioning and the ability to solve problems all in order to encourage joint teamwork in favor of an effective performance.

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Author: Marcelo A. Briola

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