Advisory and Consulting

Defining an organizational project strategy and structure provides a cohesive management model that enables the integration of the organizational strategy with the organizational project structure. It includes a standardized portfolio, program and project management office that enables organizations to operate efficiently and achieve the maturity required.

At Briola & Co we define and implement the organizational project strategy that best suits the organization, using our maturity model and considering the appropriate structure for an effective execution.

The Project Management Office defined as part of the organization or an area of it, enables the company to implement integrated management by managing its portfolios, programs and projects in a standardized manner and with the level of maturity adequate to the context. The Office functions and responsibilities are defined according to the organizational strategy implemented to fulfill an advisory, supporting or management role.

Briola & Co is focused on providing PMO or EPMO services to perform the role that best suits the organization, based on the strategy defined and through the application of the best market practices.

Effective project management enables the organization to achieve the objectives and stakeholder satisfaction, and to increase professional knowledge by defining the appropriate strategy. It enables planning, implementation, monitoring and control of each project, based on a defined strategy and according to the methodological integration and management applied at each management level.

At Briola & Co we manage local and global projects of different size and complexity applying the best market practices based on an efficient strategy and planning, in the appropriate order, with the adequate dynamics, and with the management team that best meets each context requirements.

Audits provide an independent review that reflects the health of each project and how it impacts business processes. While they anticipate and solve the existing problems, they measure the performance, quality and compliance of each project, according to the schedule defined. They allow the organization to know each project status, and contribute the results to the process of lessons learned.

At Briola & Co we conduct audits to measure project performance, quality and compliance, providing project measurements based on specific indicators, and an action plan that includes preventive and corrective actions.

Currently, there is a high percentage of completed projects that fail to meet their objectives, which has a negative impact on business profits and value. This is due to failures that could not be detected or resolved in time. A flawless project can achieve the defined goals and build a knowledge synergy which can be capitalized by other projects across the organization.

At Briola & Co we optimize troubled projects through comprehensive assessment to transform weaknesses into strengths, correct diversions, and perform effective monitoring and control activities to achieve the objectives defined.

An optimal project team allows each project in the organization to meet its goals, keep its professionals energized to achieve maximum productivity, and solve daily issues more easily and with greater commitment. An optimal performance maximizes the interaction of existing relationships, leading to group activities based on the effective performance and cohesion of its members.

At Briola & Co we optimize the existing project teams defining the strategy that best suits the project and its context, based on thorough assessment and the use of efficient techniques, and according to the current scenario.

A pleasant organization environment encourages a greater chance of success in meeting the project objectives. It is directly related to the organization context, while it enhances motivation, commitment and learning, and helps to achieve a harmonious management to address more intensively all the existing activities and issues.

At Briola & Co we conduct environment surveys to enable organizations to leverage their strengths and anticipate the issues that may impact their objectives. The techniques we use are in line with the context, while we create an action plan based on the issues identified.

Achieving maturity in organizational project management maximizes the efficiency of the organization’s performance, by enabling the achievement of benefits through efficient project management. Maturity has a direct impact on the business strategy and value, while it makes organizations more dynamic and different from its competitors’ through a sharp competitive advantage and increased profitability.

At Briola & Co we assess the level of maturity in the practice of Project Management using our maturity model, and design a strategic plan to help the organization achieve an efficient organizational project structure, building on its strengths and eliminating its weaknesses.