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At Briola & Co research is a core concern and is oriented to building new knowledge for the application of Project Management, while in practice it promotes continuous learning to share with our employees, partners and customers. This process impels us to be updated on our field of expertise, to improve the quality of our services and create value for our customers and society in general.

Research allows us to innovate in our practice, stimulate the professional development of our employees, meet the specific demands of our customers, and disseminate knowledge at a global level.

The research in progress include the following topics: causes of failure to comply with IT projects managed in Argentina and Latin America; the maturity of local organizations in project management; and the motivation of project teams in the context of entropy and stress.

If you wish to be part of our team, please send us your information.

At Briola & Co we are a team of professionals who work from an intercultural and continuous learning perspective for a pragmatic application based on the reality of the context. Therefore, we seek proactive professionals with growth capacity and strong development expectations, who wish to move forward along a professional career path of continuous growth, sharing knowledge and experiences in a relaxed atmosphere of great opportunities.

If you wish to be part of our team, please send us your information.