The organizations focused on the continuous development of their teams of professionals will renew their motivation and commitment, and will build a professional structure that will lead them to obtain quality products and services with high customer satisfaction.

Briola & Co programs provide accurate training to understand and implement Project Management practice in traditional and innovative contexts. Their design is the result of twenty five years of professional expertise in project management and academic experience in delivering multiple training programs in universities and companies.

The key differential feature of our programs is the application of theory in conjunction with practice, the results of our research, and the faculty members who have joined us.

Visit our siteOur offer includes a set of customized bimodal programs tailored to each company’s requirements that combine theory with practical application.

Student follow-up confirms that most students who pursue Project Management courses expand their practical skills and can be reinserted adding value to their professional performance. Also, a qualified faculty ensures the return on investments in training.

Training is one of the tools through which organizations renew their professional teams to avoid replacing them, achieving a balance between updated knowledge and maturity over time